Bored with webinars? Here comes a new webinar alternative – an interactive platform with 3D

Bored with webinars? Here comes a new webinar alternative – an interactive platform with 3D

Customized 3D interactive platform & webinar alternative for Healthcare, Medical & Pharma Education

3D & webinar 3D video

The background

The backgroundBefore the pandemic, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare marketing were reliant on congresses and educational activities. These marketing activities focused on Healthcare Workers. The purpose being, to educate them about the benefits of new products and solutions for healthcare professionals and their patients.


The content is usually scientific, clinical, and complex. Hence, delivering this information in the most interactive and engaging way possible. While the need to market medical products scientifically has not changed, the opportunities to deliver education to the Doctors and Nurses were limited in the past 2 years.

Additionally, you are not committed to the online event to the same degree as you are to the face-to-face meeting. Because it is easy and inexpensive to run a webinar, most companies jumped at the opportunity, hence, saturating the market rapidly. Finally, webinars are attracting an international audience, making managing SME credits particularly hard to manage. Therefore, attendance soared at first but has been in decline since autumn 2020.


Since face-to-face events are scarce, webinars emerged as the main alternative. Webinars are inexpensive to organize. No fees to the meeting venue, no travel, no booth, etc. They are also easy to attend. No travel, no cost, no taking the whole week out of your agenda. Unfortunately, webinars do not provide the same level of engagement. It is hard to remain focused during the webinar.

Distance learning

Finally, some companies have developed their own distance learning platforms. Normally such projects contain video materials with multiple-choice questions at the end of each section. One challenge, though, is making sure that the platform is approved in relevant geographies and gives doctors or nurses SME credits. This is a long and laborious task. Yet, without SME credits, it is extremely difficult to attract learners to take such courses. Besides, they are not interactive. The attendees can’t ask questions or otherwise interact with the tutor.

Therefore, such projects require a large investment and a long time to develop but do not guarantee the best outcome. Finally, they also need to be translated into different languages in order to be effective. While rather exclusive and effective, it is not easy to attract learners to such platforms. On top, they are really costly to create.

The need

Hence, if your goal is to deliver information to doctors and nurses, for a high cost of participation you are getting a small window to educate. Therefore, while these online and hybrid events are still a good way to get brand awareness and exposure, they don’t necessarily meet the need for educating Healthcare Workers.

The problem

Why use 3D & webinar platform

All in all, the main challenge is to deliver complex information while maintaining the audience’s interest. What we learned from consumer marketing & social media is that visual content is the King. Meaning people do not want to read. On the contrary, they respond much better to powerful images. Unfortunately, explaining medical technology in a picture storybook is hardly realistic. Hence, there is a clear need for a new approach.


Visual story-telling has proven highly effective in other industries. Therefore, there is a lesson to be learned in Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare as well. The question is how to simplify very difficult subject matter like medicine and put it into imagery.

Modern technology

What we have found is interactive presentations & 3D material works best. Interactive PowerPoints allow to include text, images, quotes, videos & medical references. However, it always relies on the skill of the presenter, to make a lasting and powerful impression. Unfortunately, even the best presenter is facing challenges when presenting online vs face-to-face.


To help the matter, 3D is a great new way of presenting complex subjects visually. In fact, 3D may be the most powerful way to demonstrate modern technology. Firstly, it has the power of representing visual concepts on a molecular level and in motion. Something very hard to capture without this technology. Secondly, it has the ability to easily render the subject matter from any angle, multiple angles, and animate it, making possibilities for visual representation virtually endless.

The solution

What is an interactive 3D platform

Interactive platform 3D

Therefore, at TanAx, we have developed an interactive solution. Combining live stream webinars, 3D technology & chat, we created an interactive platform. Furthermore, we customize the platform to your brand guidelines & individual requirements. In addition, we include your marketing materials and, upon request, your 3D product model. Overall, the platform is an economical, impactful & flexible way to provide continuous education to Medical Professionals.

Clickable 3D

So, let’s talk about the details. What is included in the interactive platform? First and foremost, we have a clickable 3D model at the center of the platform. This model can be a virtual exhibition booth or, alternatively, a 3D product model. The interactive 3D allows the user to manipulate the model: turn it up, down, left, right; view from a different angle; zoom in or out. Also, there are clickable areas on the 3D model. This functionality allows additional information to be embedded. It can be information about a specific part of the product. Or, like in our example, extra marketing material: video, brochure, links.

Live webinar

Secondly, the platform includes a live webinar section. It allows you to view the webinar directly on your webpage, without a need to use any additional software or ever live your website. This solution is compatible with different webinar tools: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, YouTube live, etc. Please ask us for compatibility with your favorite webinar solution. In our example, we have used Zoom to demonstrate this functionality.


We also have included a live chat in the model. The chat allows real-time interaction on your webpage. You can either opt to have a chatbot answer frequently asked questions. Or you can assign the company’s staff to interact with the visitors. Finally, we can combine both options and have a chatbot working when your employees don’t. It allows for an immersive experience 24/7, making the platform fully interactive.

Your branding

Of course, the solution wouldn’t be complete without your branding. We will make sure that the platform is designed for you in your colors, with your fonts, includes your logo, and made space for your marketing materials. From marketing materials, you can include brochures, product leaflets, videos, catalogs, photos, or even links to other pages of your website. We will include the elements that you chose and leave out the ones that you deem unnecessary. As a result, not only will your platform be fully branded according to your guidelines, but it also will be customized to your needs.

Other options

As previously mentioned, we have a variety of options to chose from. Firstly, we can include a list of upcoming webinars and the recordings of previous webinars. The latter can include a preview of the original video. Secondly, we can include a branded contact form on the page to make it easy to subscribe to your future webinars. Thirdly, we can include a way to schedule a meeting with your staff directly, without leaving the page.

Interactive product model

Last but not least, we can design your interactive 3D product model with annotations corresponding to each individual part. The product model offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase the functionality of your product in ways that even a live demo can’t. You can open all parts of the product to look inside. You can record a video showing the technology in action. Finally, you can demonstrate the action of any product even at the molecular level. All in all, this is a unique and powerful way to explain your product or technology.


Since “a picture is worth a thousand words” we have created a functional sample. Check it out! But keep in mind that all content is customizable. For example, we can easily include a 3D clickable model of your product. What better way to explain the features of your technology? Without further due, here is an example of an interactive education platform. In summary, the solution includes interactive 3D, live stream, chat. Finally, you can book a 1-on-1 meeting directly on the platform. Alternatively, download a document that describes this special offer: Download 3D brochure.

If you have questions on the compatibility of this platform with your favorite software, don’t hesitate to ask. Alternatively, if you require additional functionality that is not covered in this article, feel free to enquire. And of course, please reach out if you have any questions. Finally, we are offering a free demonstration. Schedule 30 minutes with our expert, and we will happily show you what our platform has to offer. You can schedule a meeting in seconds by selecting an appropriate timeslot on our Calendly page.