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Anyone can push buttons. However, we offer much more than that. Certainly, you can appreciate our 15 years of strategic marketing expertise. Additionally, we have worked and lived in several major markets. Europe, the US, China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Effectively, that makes us the go-to agency for international projects. And, of course culturally sensitive marketing. And let’s be honest: all marketing is culturally sensitive. Last but not least, we are a holistic agency. This means we offer a wide range of tools. Therefore, we can deliver a great marketing ROI in a short amount of time. And that’s what we call “change marketing”©!






TanAx “change marketing”© agency

As we previously mentioned, our specialty is “change marketing”©. Because “change marketing” stands for revolutionizing our customer’s marketing activities to achieve the best results. Therefore, we have recently introduced new services, that will ramp up your marketing game.

3D technology

Interactive 3D

More than ever, an ability of a company to effectively market products online has become paramount. Not surprisingly, visual content has taken centre stage. However, in the case of innovative manufacturing, marketing materials need to be scientific & educational.

Therefore, a need for new technology that is both visual & interactive. Such technology is 3D. Not only is a 3D model able to visualize the most complex concept, but it is also interactive. Hence, 3D offers untapped opportunities for education & interactive communication. Check out this new interactive 3D platform we put together!

TanAx medical device marketing

Medical Marketing

The medical device, healthcare, the pharmaceutical business rapidly changed in 2020-2021. Firstly, face-to-face education for Healthcare Workers has moved online. Hence, these industries have turned to webinars. However, despite initial success, the interest in webinars has dipped rapidly. Thus, the challenge remains.

Secondly, the marketing focus has moved towards patient-centric and digital activities. Thanks to 15 years of specific medical expertise backed up by new technologies, TanAx can give you a competitive edge. All you need is “change marketing”©. Check out our special offer for Medical Marketing by our change marketing agency.

TanAx hybrid event platform

Hybrid Event platform

Hybrid (and fully online) events have become the new normal today. At TANAX, we develop online/hybrid event solutions from scratch that fit your company’s needs. We build the functionality you need according to your design & brand guidelines.

The platform includes product pages, marketing materials, embedded 3D models, an interactive 3D booth, a live stream of the event, a recording (for re-runs), Chat, Q&A, and email sequence for your participants. We have already piloted this platform with a significant client and conducted a successful event for several hundred online attendees. Contact us for a demo!

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