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15 years of medical marketing expertise

Welcome to TanAx “change marketing”© agency. Above all, we are the best medical, healthcare & pharma marketing company. Why are we the best? Because we have 15 years of marketing expertise in the healthcare, medical & pharma industry. Not only are we familiar with the challenges of marketing to Healthcare Professionals and Patients, but also we have tested medical marketing strategies that work. On top, we master new tools, like 3D. Hence, we can give our customers a competitive edge thru technology. So, what about “change marketing”©, you ask? “Change marketing”© is our commitment to rapidly scale your marketing activities and achieve results.

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“Change marketing”©.

TanAx marketing agency is a trustworthy strategic marketing partner with expertise in the Medical, Pharma, and Healthcare industries. Why are we different from any other marketing agency? Because we don’t just push buttons. Anyone can do that. However, developing an effective marketing strategy requires skill. Hence, what makes us different is, firstly, our 15 years of strategic marketing experience in the medical field. Secondly, we master new technologies (like 3D) and apply them strategically to generate impressive results. For instance, we can build a 3D model of your product showcasing your innovation in the most impactful way. We are proud to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Check out our Partner section below!

15 years of medical marketing

Undeniably, the medical, pharma and healthcare industries have undergone a dramatic transformation during the pandemic. Medical marketing traditionally relied on educating Healthcare Professionals. Most of those marketing activities were face-to-face. The cancellation of international shows and congresses has made educational marketing challenging. Also, patient communication has become a priority.  A need to grow digital presence exponentially has become paramount. No doubt, one can conquer those challenges with the right marketing partner at your side, but time is of the essence. It is essential to work with a marketing partner who has the relevant industry expertise and is familiar with the latest trends.


Because we believe in strategic marketing, we have developed a well-rounded service offering. It allows for consistency and efficiency throughout the entire process. Therefore, we are a marketing one-stop-shop. We can develop marketing strategies and implement them flawlessly. Our holistic list of services includes social media, creative services, branding, video, and graphic design. Everything you need – we got it! For more information, please see our Services page.


Digitalization is not necessarily a challenge. Quite the opposite! It represents an untapped opportunity. Thanks to new technologies, such as 3D, you can now educate your customers and end-users in previously unimaginable ways. For instance, you can now not only show your product, as you would in real life, but look inside it, see how it functions (even at a molecular level). 3D is a visual, clear, and powerful way to educate! Hence, if you have not started using 3D in your marketing yet, this is the time to do so. ASAP!

Need a new way to connect with your Healthcare Professionals and distributors? We have developed one for you! Contact us to discuss a fully interactive 3D platform. This platform can be fully branded according to your requirements. It will contain your custom-made 3D exhibition booth and/or product model, relevant marketing material, registration and login for the webinar, live webinar, chat and Q&A section. Ask us today for a demo!


A picture is worth a thousand words

We have worked with some of the biggest names in Medical, Pharma and Healthcare business. Take a brief look at some of our current and past customers, locally and abroad.


Don’t take our word for it!

Moreover, we believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, don’t take our word for it! Press the button below. You will be asked if you want to submit a request to access our Portfolio, showcasing work for some of the great names in the Medical and Pharma business. This information is confidential, so we kindly ask you to never share this presentation with anybody for any reason. Thank you for understanding!


Medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical.

TanAx is a “change marketing” agency. We provide marketing services specific to the medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. Because strict regulations make marketing in these segments complex, you want a marketing partner that knows their way around the hospital. Undeniably, medical copywriting is a challenge for most. The same goes for medical imagery. But most of all, you want a marketing partner who understands how to market to Healthcare professionals & Patients.


Firstly, we can help you advance your patient engagement strategies. Thanks to the use of 3D technology & our 15 years of expertise in Social Media, we can up your marketing game today. Why is that important? Firstly, the pharmaceutical industry is facing a loss of exclusivity and an increase in competition. Secondly, with many companies developing a “beyond-the-pill” strategy, you will certainly need digital experts by your side to keep up. Thus, now is the time to partner up with a top medical marketing agency!


Secondly, in the medical device industry, the challenge lies in educating healthcare professionals. Because marketing efforts in Medical Device have always included continuous education to Medical professionals, covid has presented a challenge. Also, with offline marketing taking the second chair to online activities, many companies had to develop B2B social media strategies fast. Only to discover that while it is easy to push “boost a post” button, it is hard to get good results. Overall, Medical Device companies need an upgrade in Digital Marketing expertise. Hence, partnering with the right medical marketing agency could be a great way to build a new skill set.


As a healthcare establishment, you are probably a little more used to marketing your services to patients online. That is great. However, insufficient. Above all, the audience has become picky and wants outstanding content. Given the fact that modern patients do not love to read, visualization is the way to go. Therefore we offer 3D services & professional design with medical regulations in mind. Moreover, our designers have Master’s in Fine Arts from the USA & deliver the most eye-catching design. Talk to us today!

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