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Welcome to the new reality.

At TanAx we believe in using the latest technology to benefit our customers. Therefore, we empower our clients with interactive 3D. In summary, interactive 3D provides an immersive & exciting alternative to traditional media. It is an economical & modern way to showcase your products. 3D is helpful to companies that manufacture sophisticated or innovative products. The reason is that these businesses need a way to deliver complex concepts to their customers constantly and consistently. For instance, pharmaceutical & medical devices are prime examples of such an industry. These companies tend to provide continuous education to Medical Professionals as part of their marketing activities. Thanks to interactive 3D models, you can now showcase your products in action at any level of detail. For example, you want to show how your product acts at a molecular level. Now it is possible thanks to interactive 3D! We also developed a platform for hybrid events and have successfully conducted events with hundreds of participants joining online.

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The 3D model is fully interactive, therefore, you can zoom on it and click on it to inspect different elements. Moreover, the numerical items are clickable and will open up to show relevant information. A great way to incorporate your marketing materials into your virtual booth! Also, you can annotate individual product elements this way. If the user clicks on one part of the product, a prompt will appear, showing more information on this specific element.


as real as it gets.

Before the pandemic, many industries relied heavily on face-to-face meetings and samples for marketing their products. Examples include medical devices, pharmaceuticals & and high-tech manufacturing industries. The reason is simple: complex products need to be explained carefully to the end-user to provide the benefits they promise. In the past, face-to-face marketing was the only option.

The need to market such innovative products scientifically has never really gone away. However, face-to-face contact has migrated online since the covid pandemic. Webinars have shown great promise and have emerged as an attractive alternative. However, the interest in webinars has plummeted as fast as it has arisen.

Therefore, 3D technology has evolved as an effective way to explain new technologies to customers. It can be even more powerful than a live demo!  For example, you can visually demonstrate how the product works on a molecular level. Besides, your interactive 3D model is available online 24/7. So, here is why you should get interactive 3D today!


Our solution incorporates clickable 3D technology for truly immersive experience. Specifically, we have added a 3D exhibition booth where customers can interact to showcase the technology. Instead, we can embed a 3D model of your product. Imagine the endless possibilities! This would work for your website, landing page, PDF, or PowerPoint presentation.


Interactive 3D offers multiple ways for customers to interact with your virtual product or booth. They can see models from any angle. Enlarge the model. Review individual elements. By clicking on specific parts of the 3D model they can get more information, visuals, and video information on the relevant element.


Don’t miss any opportunity to talk to your customers! Ever! Online resources are available 24/7 and do not require travel. So put your interactive model online, add 3D models to PowerPoint presentations, and include 3Ds into your PDF sell sheets and brochures. The 3D will always put your company’s best foot forward day or night, 24/7.



We are offering a fully functional Interactive 3D capability. You can utilize this solution to engage your customers and end-users online and offline 24/7. As part of the package, we will customize all of the items according to your requirements and your brand guidelines. The solution includes a lot of useful features. We can produce 3D models that can be embedded on websites and landing pages, incorporated into PowerPoint presentations and included in PDF documents. These 3D models can also be easily animated. If you require additional options not listed below, send us a note! We will do our best to accommodate additional requirements. In the meantime, here is what our 3D service has to offer.

We also provide a fully materialized hybrid event platform. It includes a live stream of the event, registration of participants, emails to participants, activity statistics, fully functional chat, and Q&A during the event, recordings post-event, and many other options. All of this can be made according to your company brand guidelines and include your marketing materials. We will be happy to make a demonstration for you!

  • 3D product models
  • 3D exhibition booths
  • Full 3D walkthrough
  • 3D animation
  • Interactive 3D element embedded in the landing page
  • Interactive 3D element embedded on the website
  • Interactive 3D in PDF (brochure, sell sheet, etc)
  • Interactive 3D in PowerPoint presentation
  • Clickable 3D with extended capabilities (show video, more info, visual for every part of 3D as needed)
  • Hybrid event platform including live stream, chat, Q&A, registration, emails, and statistics – all in your branding!

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