Magic words in pharma: beyond-the-pill

Magic words in pharma: beyond-the-pill

Beyond-the-pill & consequences for pharma marketing

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The trend

2020 & 2021 have been years of Change in Pharmaceutical & Medical Device industry. While the upside for growth in this industry has been tremendous, the Change also meant a clear need to adapt. In this email series, we will discuss a few market trends. Followed by opportunities that may arise from the challenging years of global pandemic. We will begin by Beyond-the-pill and the consequences for pharma marketing.

The first trend, we will cover is Beyond-the-pill. Firstly, what is beyond-the-pill? In short: beyond-the-pill stands for a service offering that comes together with the product. Such solution addresses a need along the “patient’s journey” hence improving patient’s experience or health outcome. This, could be a major competitive advantage.

The Consequences


Because beyond-the-pill is all about the patient, a key to building a successful beyond-the-pill strategy lies in patient engagement. Today, this means reaching your patients where they are: online, on social media. That may require a few adjustments when it comes to your marketing.

providers. While those marketing efforts, especially when it comes to Educational Marketing, is absolutely paramount, the industry in general is relatively new to digital marketing to patients. Hence, building online marketing strategy with patient in mind is going to be top priority if you are to succeed at your beyond-the-pill efforts. This will mean a shift in the way you do marketing. In order to accelerate speed to market, you may want to consider using a marketing agency that combines knowledge of medical marketing with its regulatory intricacies and terminology with experience of running successful B2C social media marketing campaigns.

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How can we help?


Translating sophisticated medical concepts into engaging patient content is no easy task! At TanAx marketing agency we combine 10 years of marketing agency experience of running social media campaigns with 15 years of global medical marketing knowledge. We can help you build your online patient engagement while successfully navigating medical terminology & regulatory environment.

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